The Bill of Quantities For a 2 Bedroom House in Uganda

Bill of Quantities for a 2 Bedroom House in Uganda.

Today, let’s discuss the bill of quantities for a 2 bedroom house in Uganda. Building a 2 bedroom house in Uganda requires careful planning and budgeting to ensure a successful and cost-effective construction process. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the materials and quantities needed for each construction phase. Please note that the bill of quantities for a 2 bedroom house in Uganda mentioned below excludes the planning and designing phase.

How much will it cost me to build a 2 bedroom house?

The estimated cost of constructing a 2 bedroom house is 30 million Ugandan Shillings (UGX). The estimated cost of labor for the entire construction process is 2.7 million UGX. However, please note that this estimation does not include the planning, foundation setting, and additional transportation of goods to the site. The labor cost covers the construction, painting, and roofing activities and is equivalent to 10% of each activity’s cost. The materials required for the construction can be outsourced or purchased from hardware stores and manufacturing companies located near the construction site. This helps in reducing transportation costs

Phase 1: Foundation and Structure

Bill of Quantities for a 2 Bedroom House in Uganda.
Bill of Quantities for a 2 Bedroom House in Uganda. Photo/ Daily Monitor.


2,311 bricks are estimated to be required for the foundation and structure of the 2 bedroom house. The height of the house is assumed to be 10-12 feet, which accounts for the capacity to consume bricks.


Eighty(80) bags of cement are necessary for the construction process. It is essential to use solid good cement from certified brands like Hima, Tororo, Simba, or Kampala that meet national standards. Depending on the brand, each bag of cement ranges from 35,000 to 40,000 UGX. There are different types of cement in Uganda such as Tororo cement, Hima cement, Fundi, among others.

Hardcore Stones

Three trips of good hardcore stones is enough to build a 2 bedroom house in Uganda. Depending on location, each trip costs between 160000 to 200,000 UGX. Hardcores are needed for the foundation, and please note, the longer the foundation, the more stones, sand, labor, and cement it will consume.

Aggregate Concrete

To build a 2 bedroom house in Uganda, you will need 3 trips of aggregate concrete, each trip costing 150,000 UGX. The aggregate concrete is used on the floor and beams and ceiling. Columns are excluded for this one-floor house assumption.


On the bill of quantities for a 2 bedroom house in Uganda, sand cannot miss our list. You will need 7 trips of sand, each trip costing 150,000 UGX, are required for various construction purposes.

Phase 2: Plumbing and Bathrooms

Plumbing materials for a 2 bedroom house in Uganda include 2 washing sinks, 2 toilets, 2 bathtubs, and water installations in 2 bathrooms. The bill of quantities for a 2 bedroom house in Uganda for all plumbing materials amounts to 3.8 million UGX.

Phase 3: Roofing and Ceiling

You have reached the roofing phase on your 2 bedroom house; congratulations. Here, you will need 60 roofing iron sheets to cover the house, with an estimated roof pitch of 6/12. This coverage includes a 2-ft overlay from the main house. Depending on the brand and type, the cost of each roofing iron sheet ranges from 55,000 to 90,000 UGX. You will also need a total of 25 kgs of roof nails, specifically steel nails to prevent rust, which will be required for the roofing phase. The cost per kg is 13,500 UGX.

Ceiling Wire Mesh

On the list of bill of quantities for a 2 bedroom house in Uganda, include ceiling wire mesh. You will need 4 pieces of ceiling wire mesh to cover the rafters of the ceiling. The cost of each ceiling wire mesh is 45,000 UGX.

Phase 4: Electrical Installations

The electrical installation includes Umeme registration, wiring, purchasing sockets, lights, main switches, joints, and switches.
The estimated cost is 2,463,000 UGX.

Phase 5: Doors and Windows


Our 2 bedroom house will require 7 doors, including 2 exterior doors made of steel and 5 interior doors made of wood. The prices of these doors may vary based on the manufacturer and standard of the location.


The 2 bedrooms could have the same size windows, except for the master bedroom, which requires more space.

Phase 6: Paint and Finishing


Approximately 100 liters of paint are required for the entire 2 bedroom house. This calculation includes 2 coats of paint. A gallon of paint, equivalent to 3.8 liters, covers 400 square footage for a single coat.


Approximately 713 tiles are enough to tile the 2 bedroom house. This estimation includes a 10% allowance for wastage and cuts. The tiles should cover one square foot each, costing 1,500 UGX per tile. 15 bags of tile adhesive, priced at 30,000 UGX each, will be needed for fixing the tiles.

Additional Quantities:

Iron Bars

15 iron bars, priced at 50,000 UGX each, will be required to hold the perimeter walls and provide structural support.

Master Bedroom Features:

  • Master Bedroom Bathtub: 1 unit, priced at 1.5 million UGX
  • Other Bathtubs: 1 unit per bathroom, priced at 650,000 UGX each
  • Master Bedroom Wash Sink: 1 unit, costing 350,000 UGX
  • Other Wash Sinks: 1 unit per bathroom, priced between 250,000 to 350,000 UGX
  • Master Bedroom Toilet Seat: 1 unit, costing 450,000 UGX
  • Ordinary Room Toilet Seats: 1 unit per bathroom, priced between 250,000 to 300,000 UGX
  • Wall Tiles: Each bathroom, with dimensions of 8×8 feet, will require 150 tiles.

Number of Windows:

  • A 2-bedroom house will have a total of 7 windows:
  • 2 bedroom windows
  • 1 window for the kitchen
  • 2 windows for the bathrooms
  • 1 big window for the living room and dining area
  • 1 larger window for the kitchen (other bedrooms will have the same size windows, except

How many iron sheets for a two-bedroom house in Uganda?

60 iron sheets are enough to cover the house with an estimated roof pitch of 6/12.

How many ceiling wire mesh pieces for the construction a 2 bedroom house?

4 pieces of wire mesh should be able to cover the rafters of the ceiling. This two bedroom house is expected to have a roofing of 648 square footage whereas the foundation is estimated to be 750 square footage. The 4 extra square footage is from the overlay of the roof by 2 ft on the width and 2ft on the length sides.

How much paint for construction a 2 bedroom house.

In summary, 100 litres for a 2 bedroom house. This calculation takes 2 coats. In this phase, you start by determining the length multiplied by the height of the wall to find the area to be painted. That square footage to be painted is divided by the coverage of one gallon for a single coat. A gallon equal to 3.8 litres, 3.8 litres cover 400 square footage a single coat.

So, our living room is 12*12, which is 12 for length * 10 for height equals 120 square footage for one wall on a single paint coat. 120* second coat (2), which makes 240. 240 * 4 walls is 960 square. Let’s add the ceiling 12*12 making 144 square foot for the ceiling + 960 square foot for the walls.

Total square footage is 1104 square foot. Let’s subtract the window and door square footage is door (73) and window (64) is 21+24=45 square foot. 1104-45=1059 square footage for living room painting. 1059/400=2.64 gallons. For 2 coats you multiply 2*2.6=5.2 gallons which 19.6841 litres for the living room.

How many trips of aggregate for construction a 2 bedroom house.

Estimation of 3 elf trucks of aggregate for a 2 bedroom house, this aggregate used on concrete floor and beams. We excluded columns from this one floor house. We assumed your piece of land is flat and in a dry area hence favorable environment.

How many bricks in a 2 bedroom house in Uganda?

12311 bricks are estimated to construct a full 2 bedroom house in Uganda with a height of 10-12 foot.

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